The Information Design Group

Information Design is a specialized IT service provider: we design, develop, and operate highly available Data Hubs (Enterprise Application Integration, EAI), customer-oriented Data Warehouses and furthermore Data Services for the Intranet, Internet and Mobile Internet.

Our branches are mainly the aviation industry, but also traffic and logistic companies. Our projects are located in production, workflow, monitoring and reporting. Data from different systems of diverse companies are exchanged and integrated through our products. With our products company processes are traced, analyzed and optimized.

We have developed 15 years of experience in fields, which depend on the high availability of solutions, for example, airlines and airports like Frankfurt. In addition, we have 10 years of experience in consulting, design and development of Data Warehouses, for example, for the worldwide production of Deutsche Lufthansa.

Information Design has its headquarters Information Design One in Frankfurt/Germany, supported by the daughter company Information Design Two in Budapest/Hungaria.