The A:Wall offers live monitoring of the current traffic situation, by maps, tables and KPIs (key performance indicators) and also notes and news. It can be driven on huge displays as well as on tablets and smartphones, so it's everywhere you are.

It runs typically on displays in OCC/HCC (Operational Control Center, Hub Control Center), in crisis centers, or on the desktops or mobile devices of managers, who want to know what's going on.

It is not just another digital signage solution but an information center based on real time big data of aviation events – Information Design has 20+ years of experience in the aviation market as well as 10+ years in Business Intelligence, and created the A:Wall as a quintessence of that experience.


  • The A:Wall offers several information packages for daily business: Flight operations, ground operations including turnaround and connex management, air traffic control, weather, and more.
  • It works with detailed data (flight events, ground events, METARs, …) that is consolidated to KPIs on the fly, live and some KPIs are even forecasted.
  • It also provides news channels for publishing short notes and news à la Twitter®.
  • Interactive mode for crisis centers with filters, zooms, shifting, tooltips, snapshots and more.
  • More display real estate: Every monitor offers multiple workspaces that shift smoothly after a confi­gured time.
  • Every workspace offers a composition of widgets (maps, tables, ...) that can be shifted after a configured time or by conditions (thresholds, …).
  • Every detail in the A:Wall can be configured by XML (or even the CSS), and these XML definitions can inherit other definitions.
  • Workspaces can be organized by scenarios (strikes, onset of winter, operational modes, …) and can be switched with a single click while running.

The A:Wall as a tablet

The A:Wall for the mobile power user, fully supports all display widgets. Online, certainly. Focused on interaction, but could be used also as a small and animated display on the desktop.


  • Gestures for shifting workspaces and widgets, scrolling, de-/zoom­ing as well as fullscreen views of single widgets.
  • Filter for tailoring the multi-dimensional views.
  • The change of orientation switches overviews to details (however, this can be configured differently in every way).
  • A native application, sure.

The A:Wall as a smartphone

The A:Wall on the road, with support of the relevant display widgets, focuses on interactive queries and minimizing data exchanges.

Coming Q4/2016.


  • Gestures for shifting workspaces, accordion pattern for chosing the widgets.
  • Filter dialogs for tailoring the multi-dimensional views.
  • Support of all widgets excepted interactive maps (flight map, …).
  • Focus on news channels, including publishing news from everywhere.
  • A native application.

Widgets for the A:Wall

The treasure of the A:Wall is the data represented by the right widget – here is the catalog of widgets, to be extended in the course of the year.

Grids and sizes

The A:Wall works with grids that are filled with widgets within standardized sizes. Norm is a square (size L) that can be multiplied (size XL) or divided (size M, S, XS). This combination of grids and sizes allows to define complex workspaces with ease.

Here are some sample grids designs:

And these grids are filled by widgets from a catalog – here are some examples of the 'widget declination'.

In the following a catalog of the widgets.


Flight map
Flight map

Flight maps with airports, routes and punctual, unpunctual and cancelled flights. With automatic – and configurable – zooms to different interesting traffic areas.


Airport map
Airport map

The map of an airport with buildings, runways, and aircraft position/gates, status of the operational direction. Status highlighting on aircraft (late, blocking a position, AOG, …), on runways (in use, blocked, capacity planning, …), and with notifcations for delays due to turnaround processes, misconnex or insufficient ground times.


Weather maps and charts
Weather maps and charts

Visual representation of the weather given by METARs and TAFs: weather codes, visibility, winds, cross winds, temperature and more. Shown as maps and 24 hour views.



All the details in tables – but full of status highlightings for irregs, delays and reasons - the more colors are shown, the more irregular is the situation.



The A:Wall works massively with KPIs, which are represented by typical chart forms, particularly by the donut chart, extended by some features for showing yearly averages, targets, sometimes with trends (-3h) and forecasts (+3h).



Sometimes a few words say much more than thousands of pictures. News, a short info like "Runway 07L is going to be blocked from 4pm to 6pm", are edited by A:Wall tools and can be broadcasted along chosen news channels, for example "OCC", "Airport" or "ATC". The A:Wall clients can subscribe those channels by configuration (if granted).

It's also possible by customization to bridge news channels already given by the company, the A:Hub solution from Information Design can handle every protocol and format.



Shows meetings and events from Outlook or edited by A:Wall tools.


Video channels
Video channels

The A:Wall is also able to show video channels that support HTML5 video standards.


But this isn't all - there's more in the pipeline for this year:

  • A:Wall Designer as a GUI for building workspace as compositions of widgets.
  • A:Wall Remote for controlling the displays by tablet or smartphone.
  • A rules engine for the definition of alerts, conditional displaying, and much more.
  • Time Machine to run through the day.
  • And, certainly: More widgets.

Technical requirements

The technical requirements are straight forward:


  • The A:Wall offers Web services to collect the data.
  • The A:Wall Services could be provided in the cloud or inhouse.
  • Clients are provided for Windows 7+, OSX 10.10+, iOS 9+ – and later this year: Android Marshmallow+.
  • With the A:Wall Services comes a portal that manages security - it offers local authentication and ^authorization as well as bridges ('passports') to enterprise or cloud services.
  • The tablet and smartphone applications are distributed over the company's enterprise store.
  • Support of video streams using HTML5.


  • There are a few XML formats for flight data, airport data, …, that are defined by the A:Wall Wiki and schemas and WSDLs to feed the A:Wall.
  • The A:Wall knows the aviation world, it is also possible to send SSIMs, SSMs, ASMs, PTMS, MVTs, EFDs, DPIs, and others by option. However, the XML formats allow more details.
  • Since the A:Wall uses the A:Hub, every kind of interface with proprietary communication/format is possible by customization.
  • The KPIs are calculated by the A:Wall itself, depending on the richness of the collected data. Moreover, it is possible by customization to integrate other company's KPIs by interface.