Project Management

Information Design regularly conducts IT projects with big enterprise clients. With a planned duration of months or years, and a multi-head team size on both sides, these projects call for reliable project management.

Team and Methods

Project Management at Information Design means: collaboration and communication, with the focus on delivery. The consultants at Information Design can look back on years of intense work in customer and internal projects. With the background of the V-Modell XT standard they understand how to plan, monitor and control projects, even complex ones. And they have experience in doing so.

To face the growing complexity of software, and the constant change of requirements at the same time, Information Design uses the incremental and iterative agile methodology of Scrum for its internal product development and projects. For more information, see the Software Development section of this page.


Depending on the complexity of a project, and on the customer requirement, various tools support the project management processes. Information Design consultants are able to work with the following tools:

  • Project Management
    MS Project, OmniFocus OmniPlan, JIRA Greenhopper
  • Change Management
    Prioritization-based with tracking tools or simple work-package/timeline lists
  • Collaboration
    ProjectPlace, also JIRA for a tracking-oriented management
  • Project Wiki
    Atlassian Confluence